SWEPP is a parent/community organization established in 1981 to support academically-talented students and quality education in the Worthington School District. Our activities include ongoing support of the EPP program, support of Enriched course works at the Middle School level, support of Honors and Advanced Placement course work at the High School level, advocating for academically-talented students and creating a network of support for their parents. Membership is open to any parent in the Worthington School District who wishes to support exceptional learners. You do not need to have a child identified as gifted or placed in advanced classes in order to join.

Why Is SWEPP Important?

SWEPP serves to support  and strengthen the vision of Worthington’s Enriched Placement Program and to make sure our students and teachers receive the support and tools necessary to effectively serve gifted students. Supporters of Worthington’s EPP are participating in nurturing, encouraging, and supporting the full development of potential in our children and expanding opportunities to our families, educators, and communities.

What is EPP?

EPP stands for the Enriched Placement Program. The Gifted Services Department manages the Worthington EPP for identified gifted students. It has a continuum of services including academic acceleration opportunities and enrichment programs such as Destination Imagination and Invention Convention. Advanced Placement, SAT and ACT examinations are scheduled through the Gifted Services office. Questions about AP courses or scheduling should be directed to building principals or the Department of Academic Achievement at 450-6000.

To find out more about Worthington’s EPP program, visit the Gifted Services page on Worthington’s School district website or see contact info below.


Suzanne Palmer, Gifted Services Coordinator
Phone: (614) 450-6055
Email: spalmer@wscloud.org