What is SWEPP?

SWEPP is a parent/community organization established in 1981 to support academically talented students and quality education in the Worthington School District. Our activities include ongoing support of the EPP program, support of Enriched course work at the Middle School level, and support of Honors and Advanced Placement course work at the High School level, advocating for academically-talented students and creating a network of support for their parents. Membership is open to any parent in the Worthington School District who wishes to support exceptional learners. You do not need to have a child identified as gifted or placed in advanced classes in order to join.

Our Mission

The purpose of SWEPP is to foster an awareness of the needs of gifted children and to promote the utilization of home, school, and community resources for their benefit.


SWEPP is only as good as our members! Annual membership dues are $20 per family, and provide for the many supports and resources SWEPP offers students and parents throughout the school year and summer. Sign up online or print a membership form and bring it to the next SWEPP meeting.

Worthington’s Enriched Placement Program (EPP)

The Gifted Services Dept. will accept referral forms and conduct assessments throughout the entire school year. However, student “placements” into the gifted program will be made the next school year if the placement deadlines provided are missed for the current school year. Find Gifted Services Referral and Placement information and deadlines here.

For placement into either the elementary or middle school gifted program, students must meet established criteria. Ohio identifies children as gifted and eligible for enrollment in EPP based on several criteria. Elementary students, grades 3-6, identified as gifted in the areas of superior cognitive ability and math will be placed in EPP Math. Middle school students, grades 7 and 8, identified as gifted in the areas of superior cognitive ability and reading qualify for placement in the Enriched English Language Arts. Use this link to download a brochure on how a student is identified as gifted in the Worthington school district. Additional information about EPP enrollment can be found at the Gifted Services Department of the Worthington School site. For information on the assessment guidelines for student placement into Worthington’s EPP, click here.